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Blind, but Now I See!

August 2020

God: Quit your job.

Me: Lord, you know my financial situation. I can't afford it.

God: Remember the times you needed me? Was I not there? Have you ever lacked basic needs?

Me: No, Lord, but I don't want to make an emotional decision. You know how I can be.

God: Yes, but you have walked with me the last several months and listened to my voice even when fearful. Quit. Do not return.

October 2020

I released I Ate the Cake: A Journey for Justice, My memoir about workplace abuse, God's hand guiding me, and encouraging others to take a stand for righteousness. People are still purchasing the book. Many people contact me about being inspired and understanding their journeys more.

January 2023

I work from home. Homeschool my youngest. Create my schedule. Create my salary. Determine who and how many people I want to work with. Choose my professional development. I can go and come as I please. Working on my second book, "5 Sessions," and almost completed a yearly professional planner to be published. And best of all, I minister to people's hearts every day. I get to do what I absolutely love. Some days it's tiring, but I choose!

By God's prompting, I completed my Professional Counseling degree while working as a school counselor and maintaining an active lifestyle with four children. In the midst of this, I endured a toxic environment. There were many days I was exhausted.

Blinded. The trauma of my previous workplace blinded me. Blinded by financial needs. Blinded by the unknowns. Blinded by hurt. The transition from school counselor left me crying, trying to figure out new systems. A few months later, another transition and the business fully launched! Now, I had more courage.

You may feel alone, but God is with you. Walk with Him!

I couldn't see God's preparation, but I trusted His love. Faith is not easy! Sometimes doing what God wants hurts our feelings and leaves us feeling alone. You won't get accolades or the support you may feel you need. But our God is faithful! Today, I can genuinely say, I was blind, but now I see. What's more exciting is that I know I haven't seen all God has in store.

As you wait for God, continue to build your skill set and trust the process. Move when God says to move. He's got you!


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